rpact version 3.0.0 available on CRAN

Wed Sep 9

Nine months after publication of rpact 2.0.6 the official release of the rpact package version 3.0.0 is available on CRAN (The Comprehensive R Archive Network):

New features

  • Simulation tools for multi-arm design testing means, rates, and hazard ratios
  • Analysis tools for multi-arm design testing means, rates, and hazard ratios
  • getSimulationRates: exact versions for testing a rate (one-sample case) and equality of rates (two-sample case)
  • getDataset: multi-arm datasets for means, rates, and survival data
  • Analysis of fixed designs
  • Summary for analysis and simulation result objects newly implemented
  • Summary for most rpact result objects substantially improved and enhanced
  • getEventProbabilities: plot of result object
  • getNumberOfSubjects: plot of result object
  • Visual comparison of two designs: plot(design1, design2)
  • Functions setOutputFormat and getOutputFormat implemented: definition of user defined output formats
  • getSimulationMeans: thetaH1 and stDevH1 can be specified for assessment of sample size recalculation (replaces thetaStandardized)
  • getSimulationSurvival: separate p-values added to the aggregated simulation data for Fisher designs
  • getSimulationMeans, getSimulationRates: Cumulated number of subjects integrated in getData object
  • getSimulation[MultiArm][Means/Rates/Survival]: new logical argument 'showStatistics' added
  • Example datasets (csv files) added to the package
  • plot type "all": plot all available plots of an object in one step using plot(x, type = "all")
  • plot type improved: 'type' now can be a vector, e.g., plot(x, type = c(1, 3))
  • plot(x, grid = 1): new plot argument 'grid' enables the plotting of 2 or more plots in one graphic

Read the NEWS on CRAN to get to know all about the new features, improvements, and changes of rpact 3.0.0.

rpact version 2.0.6 available on CRAN

Mon Dec 16

The new rpact version contains several minor improvements; see NEWS on CRAN (The Comprehensive R Archive Network) for details:

rpact version 2.0.5 available on CRAN

Mon Nov 11

The new rpact version supports direct input of median survival time and contains an improved summary; see NEWS on CRAN (The Comprehensive R Archive Network) for details:

Four new rpact vignettes published on

Fri Nov 1

We are happy to announce that we published four new rpact vignettes:

  1. Supplementing and enhancing rpact's graphical capabilities with ggplot2
  2. Using the inverse normal combination test for analysing a trial with continuous
  3. Planning a trial with binary endpoints with rpact
  4. Planning a survival trial with rpact



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