Pharmaceutical companies who signed our Service Level Agreement
Pharmaceutical companies who signed our Service Level Agreement


Programming, training, and consultancy in confirmatory adaptive designs using the R software.

We offer a wide range of different services:

Technical services

  • Technical software support for written support requests to RPACT´s hotline, incl. product questions and development issues
  • Technical software support via priority handling of written support requests to software owners hotline, incl. product questions, feature requests and development issues

Learning and training

  • One-day RPACT package training
  • RPACT package training at a company site
  • Access to extended manuals, best practice descriptions and additional examples

Services regarding RPACT package functionalities and usability

  • Access to written know-how and documents dealing with the formal validation of the RPACT package
  • Review user requirements specifications
  • Review training material
  • Test beta versions
  • Plan capabilities and extensions of the software functionality
  • Provide feedback on usability in the drug development practice

Other Services

  • Technical expert service support on demand to answer regulatory questions related to the RPACT package
  • Setup of a validated user environment with integration of RPACT
  • Customized design of the RPACT package: company internal graphical user interfaces (GUI) with forms for the most frequently used RPACT functions
  • Automation: implementation of frequent workflows / processes
  • Customer adaptions: "private" extensions, e.g. R programs for customer-specific needs which use the RPACT package
  • Implementation of customer-specific sample programs

Service Level Agreement

Together with ten different pharmaceutical companies and CROs we worked out a standard service level agreement for two different service levels (Prime and General). Read more...

CRO companies who signed our Service Level Agreement