Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Together with ten different pharmaceutical companies and CROs we worked out a standard service level agreement.
The RPACT Membership Matrix shows the services, which are included or available as an option.

RPACT Membership Matrix
RPACT Services Inclusive
Service Free-of-charge technical software support for written support requests to RPACT´s hotline, incl. product questions and development issues  
Free-of-charge technical software support via priority handling of written support requests to software owners hotline, incl. product questions, feature requests and development issues  
Learning and training materials Annual one-day rpact package training meeting organized by RPACT (free-of-charge for 2 participants)  
rpact package training at a company site (free-of-charge for unlimited number of participants)  
Access to extended manuals, best practice descriptions and additional examples  
rpact package validation and usability Get a copy of the formal validation documentation that is customized and licensed for exclusive use by your company  
Get access to the members area at  
Review specification documents and training material  
Test rpact beta versions  
Plan capabilities and extensions of the software functionality  
Provide feedback on usability in the drug development practice  
Options* Technical expert service support on demand to answer regulatory questions related to the rpact package  
Setup of a validated user environment with integration of rpact  
Customized design of the rpact package: company internal graphical user interfaces (GUI) with forms for the most frequently used rpact functions  
Automation: implementation of frequent workflows / processes  
Customer adaptions: "private" extensions, e.g. R programs for customer-specific needs which use the rpact package  
Implementation of customer-specific sample programs  

* Available at an extra charge

Please contact us if you are interested in this service level agreement.
We would be happy to send you a copy of the document.



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